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  • Our Story

    Joseph Amissah, founder of Blue Cube Aviation, has had a passion for aviation since he was a child. Being that his father was a senior manager for a state owned airline, you can say that his passion runs in the family and was the spark that launched Blue Cube Aviation into what it is today.

    Founded in 2006, Joseph’s vision was to address the need for hassle-free and convenient travel but with unrivaled personalized service at a competitive price point. Enter, Blue Cube Aviation which has become recognized as a global market leader in private aviation travel, delivering the most tailor-made solutions to a discerning clientele for any and ALL of their private air travel needs.

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</div> <div><p>all the luxuries you expect on a modern jet</p>
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    the most personalized private charter experience

  • About Us

    Since 2006, Blue Cube Aviation has become a global market leader in private aviation Blue Cube Aviation private aviation market leaderstravel for those who want a tailor-made, stress-free travel experience. Through our on-demand aircraft charter services, aircraft leasing services, aircraft sales and aircraft management services we offer a one-stop, 360 degree solution to all your private air travel needs. Whether for business or pleasure, our focus is always on you. Your Personal Charter Specialist will go above and beyond your expectations to create the most memorable and bespoke journey to your destination.

    Why choose Blue Cube Aviation?

    We save you time.
    Blue Cube Aviation makes private travel easy and convenient so you can focus on what matters most to you. Our international charter team provides immediate response 24/7 to assist you in all of your travel needs. They will make sure you travel safe and with time to spare. 

    We fly at your velocity.
    Flying with Blue Cube, is an experience…a bespoke experience…your experience. We cater our services to you, the passenger, because you matter most. Through our select network of partners, Blue Cube is able to bring our clients the best of the very best in food, transportation, business and entertainment services before, after, and during flight.

    We provide a complete flight solution.
    Not many private charter companies can say that. Whether it’s on-demand aircraft charter, aircraft sales, aircraft management or aircraft leasing, we’ve done it all and we do it all. With offices located throughout the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia our jets can take you around the world and back.

  • What We Do

    Blue Cube Aviation provides private aircraft and helicopter services including aircraft charter, aircraft sales, aircraft management, and aircraft leasing for those who want a tailor-made, stress-free travel experience. We take care of all the details so that you can better manage your time and spend it on what matters most.

    Aircraft Charter
    Aircraft Sales
    Aircraft Management
    Aircraft Leasing
  • Aircraft Categories

    At Blue Cube Aviation, we pride ourselves on having access to the most modern jet and helicopter fleet available. Browse through our fleet options below.

    Light Jets

    Light Jets

    Mid-Sized Jets

    Mid-Sized Jets

    Super Mid-Sized Jets

    Super Mid-Sized

    Heavy Jets

    Heavy Jets

    VIP Airliner

    VIP Airliner


  • FAQ

    What are my aircraft options and how do they differ?

    You can find out more about each of our aircraft options on our website by clicking the following links. We offer heavy jets, mid-sized jets, light jets, and helicopters.

    Which aircraft is best suited for my travel needs?

    The choice is aircraft depends on many personal factors including length of trip, destination and departure locations, number of passengers as well as requested amenities. Your personal charter specialist will take all these factors into consideration and recommend the most appropriate aircraft for your requirement. Contact us to start planning your next trip.

    How do I plan my itinerary?

    First you should decide on what date and time you would like to travel, destination and departure locations, and number of passengers. Next, contact us to speak with an experienced charter specialist who will help finalize your itinerary.

    How is the price of my charter calculated?

    When you charter a plane, you are billed an hourly rate times your total flight time, plus any additional costs, as applicable. For example: flight permits, landing fees, variable airport handling charters, etc.

    Why does the price for the same trip vary on different days?

    Several factors can impact the total cost of your charter.

    Prices may vary by date for the same trip because availability varies by date. Included in the cost of your charter are ferry charges, which are incurred when an aircraft is based at an airport different from your departure or arrival point. If a plane has to travel to cover your charter, it will alter your charter cost.

    Additionally, different aircrafts in the same size class are billed at different rates and fly at different speeds. The same trip on two different jets may have two different costs because the rates vary slightly and the time planned for the flight varies based on aircraft performance.

    What is an empty-leg?

    An empty-leg is a flight segment an aircraft must fly, without passengers, in order to get into position for a charter or to return to its home base. These are called empty-leg or ferry flights and can be purchased, often at a discount. If you are flying one-way between two points and a plane has to fly between the same two points, flying on a empty-leg can save you money. It takes some market savvy and industry connections to find a deadhead you can use. The best way to find one that works for you is to discuss your travel needs with a Personal Charter Specialist and have him or her work with you to find the most economical travel solution.

    Where do I go to meet my plane?

    When you fly privately, your plane will depart from a small private terminal called a Fixed Based Operator or an FBO. These small terminals provide private jets with a variety of services including light maintenance, fuel services and catering and baggage and immigration clearance. They also provide passengers with a lounge area, baggage handling and parking facilities. Many airports have more than one FBO location. So when your travel plans take you on a private jet, please make sure to get FBO information from your Personal Charter Specialist.

    How long before my flight do I have to get to the airport?

    Private jet travel is an “on-demand” service. Since you are flying on your own plane, it travels on the schedule you set. You tell your Personal Charter Specialist what time you would like to fly and that’s the time the flight is scheduled for. At the appropriate time, the crew is standing by for passengers. When you arrive at the airport, you are escorted to your aircraft with your luggage, the aircraft door is closed, and the plane taxis out for take-off. There is no wait at the FBO and no line. You simply arrive at the time you would like to depart, and if you are running late, your plane will wait for you.

    How much luggage can I bring?

    Baggage space varies by aircraft size, class and type. If you have special baggage, like skis, or a lot of heavy luggage, please notify your Personal Charter Specialist in advance so that he or she can make sure your aircraft can carry all of your passengers and luggage safely and comfortably.

    Can I bring pets onboard?

    Not all aircraft are pet-friendly; however, many are. It’s important to notify your Personal Charter Specialist in advance if you plan to bring along a pet so that a pet-friendly aircraft is dispatched. There are no restrictions on transporting pets domestically. For small household pets like dogs or cats, pets need to be in a travel cage for take-off and landing to ensure their safety. During the flight, your pet is free to move about the cabin (special cleaning charges may apply if a pet soils the cabin). If you are traveling beyond the 48 contiguous states with a pet, you may need special permits. Permits can take some time to obtain so please plan in advance when traveling with a pet outside of the continental United States. Your Charter Coordinator can help you with all of the necessary documents and arrangements.

    Can I smoke onboard?

    While many aircraft are designated “No-Smoking,” and cigar and pipe smoking are never permitted, many jets do allow cigarette smoking on board. Please notify your Personal Charter Specialist in advance so that he or she can dispatch a plane that will accommodate your needs. In certain cases, there may be a special charge associated with purifying the air after you deplane. Your Personal Charter Specialist can advise you as to any additional charges.

    What if I have special transportation needs?

    Blue Cube Aviation can handle almost any request including flying disabled persons, unattended children, cargo or medical transports. Additionally, we can assist with every type of ground transportation from chauffeured transportation to rental car delivery, and cargo to emergency transport. Simply contact a Charter Specialist to discuss your special transportation needs.

    Who owns the plane I charter?

    In general, wealthy individuals and large corporations own jets used for the provision of charter service. These individuals or companies purchase aircraft because, based on the number of hours they fly a year, owning a jet provides them with the most convenient and economical way to fly private. While they may use their aircraft quite a bit, it isn’t always in use. These individuals and companies contract with FAA/EASA registered Air Carriers to manage their aircraft and rent them out when the owners aren’t using them. It is these FAA registered and certified Air Carriers that actually run the aircraft. They hire and train the crew and are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the aircraft subject to FAA/EASA regulations and the aircraft owner’s requirements.

    Who flies the plane and how do I know the pilot is safe?

    Private jets used for the provision of charter service are either operated under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations issued by the FAA or JAROPS 1 issued by EASA which is the European Aviation Safety Agency. Pilots have to meet rigorous training requirements set by either FAA/EASA. In addition to being qualified as pilots, they are required to be certified to fly specific aircraft types. They go through recurrent simulator training every 6 months and are subject to regularly scheduled physical exams, drug testing and FAA/EASA flight checks.

    Who maintains the plane and how?

    Aircraft are maintained subject to the aircraft manufacturer’s specifications as approved by the FAA/EASA. Based on aircraft age, make and model they are subject to routine inspections according to an established timeline and hours in the air. There are thorough inspections every 12, 24 and 48 months, as well as major inspections at the 5-year, 10-year or 12-year mark, depending on the aircraft. There are also inspections every 300, 600, 1200, 2400, and 4800 flight hours depending on the aircraft age, make and model. Aircraft are always inspected and maintained by FAA/EASA licensed and certified technicians who are trained to maintain and repair specific aircraft makes and models. Accordingly, every individual maintaining the aircraft you take was trained and is certified to work not just on jets, but on that specific type of aircraft.

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